Beauty Rituals


Haunted by the conversations on age with my boyfriend and good friend from the night before, I began to explore my thoughts on beauty and age. 

I personally felt unattractive until I turned twenty-five. It was only then, I started thinking of ways to maintain what had finally been revealed to me through high intensity training and a proper diet. My skin was very clear and I felt healthy. It wasn’t that I transformed overnight into a beauty queen, but I was simply taking better care of myself than ever before. I started to appreciate the angles in my face, the curves on my body and the  smoothness of my skin. It was the first time I noticed I had also become a woman, I no longer had the rounding effect that comes with baby fat.  

My sister had always been the beautiful one in the family. She spent the majority of her day plucking away, conditioning, and moisturizing. I on the other hand was cleaning out the country butter bin with my fingertips or binge reading books. My mother did a great job allowing us to be who we choose to be. She did everything in her power to prevent us from developing rivalries. She fed my ego with confidence based on my strengths and successes so I built an armor and didn’t rely on my beauty. I refused to wield my appearance as the focus of my being and talent. I didn’t fuss over my imperfections or flaunt what I did have, I made peace with myself as I was.

Even if beauty wasn’t the focus of my existence, I was taught to keep my appearance clean and modest. “Hygiene is the single most important thing for a woman, being beautiful comes second.” emphasized my grandmother. She is an eighty-one year old woman whose beauty rituals include bathing daily and relying on the power of vix vapor rub to cure all maladies. She also uses “La Campana Pomada,” which has kept her skin looking supple and plum well over 50 years. 

Today I still carry with me the principles my grandmother inculcated. I really never lather on makeup like a lot of these Instagram beauties do. My skin is too oily and I sweat too much to keep it all on. I’m also a woman on the move, my makeup would get smudged if I wore too much. I typically stick to mascara and blush unless I’m going to a special evening event where there is air conditioning. 

Thankfully eastern influence in the last three years has been in my favor. New beauty (new to Western culture that is) practices dictate that good skin is king (or queen) to beauty standards. Following this trend companies have released skin care products that help improve the look and feel of our skin instead of masking our imperfections under a lot of product. Peach & Lily is one of those companies committed to helping women achieve healthy radiance from within by improving our skin care routines. I’ve learned to keep my skin plump and hydrated using their product line. 

Even so I’ve come to realize you can find so much more beauty within yourself if you treat yourself kindly. As trite as it may sound your beauty rituals have to begin before you get to the makeup counter.