Our Services

The following is an overview of the services we offer including: Wellness Consultations, Community-Wide Workshops, and Brand Partnerships; please inquire about additional customized programing.


Wellness Consultations

Personalized conversations regarding daily habits and improving your overall health. Learn to Eat Right, Exercise, Rest and Manage Stress, Reduce the Toxicity in your Home, and Boost Your Immune System. Walk away with a 90 - Day wellness plan to live empowered through natural solutions.


community-wide workshops

Customized experiences that engage and entertain while informing your participants about natural health solutions. Popular workshops include: Spring Skin Cleaning, Wine and Women’s Health, Mommy & Me Mindfulness, Slim & Sassy Summer, Birthday Bash, Dwelling Detox.

Ice Cream Bath

brand partnerships

Collaborations amongst established and emerging brands to increase awareness of natural health products, services, and alternative health solutions. Partnerships can include branded content pieces, print, digital, social, omni channel promotion, and experiential activations.