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A born-and-raised New Yorkina with nothing more than an unwavering aspiration to make her parents proud. I’m working on a conscious digital communications empire which will have a global impact.

I develop integrated marketing and communications plans that drive customers online and across social media to complete purchases. I help brands identify their true value and take action to improve how they communicate with their customers. Let me know if you are that brand or are developing that type of brand so we can work together. Send me a note.

I’m here to learn and serve, give and sell, enlighten and entertain. Everything I do is with intention and commitment to be a better version of myself so that I can walk alongside you, on your brand’s journey to greatness.

I’ll be your brand’s strategic communications and marketing consultant!






  • In-depth discussion and analytics assessment to improve your overall communications and marketing strategy.

  • Walk away with a 90 - Day communications plan to engage your customers more powerfully with alternative copy.


  • I can work on your marketing copy, product launches, and branding for events.

  • I’ll provide you with my undivided attention and marketing expertise for an agreed period of time to help you accomplish your goals.


  • Customized experiences that engage and entertain while assessing alternative ways to communicate with your customers.

  • Open conversations on whats not working and ways to improve it.


  • Collaborations amongst established and emerging brands to cross promote your products or services to a new customer base.

  • Partnerships can include branded content pieces, sponsored posts, re-tweets.

Starter Package

  • Account Setup and Security

  • Account Management and Operations

  • KPI Generation

  • Target Demographic Identification

  • Integrated Marketing and Public Relations Plan

Growth Package

  • Targeted Ad Campaign Generation

  • Ad Campaign Monitoring and Insights

  • Content Generation

    • Social Media Posts

    • Article/Blog Post

    • Image Gallery Strategy & Shoot

  • Content Monitoring and Engagement

Specialty Services

  • Crises Communication Plan

  • Executive Visibility Strategy & Implementation Plan

  • Influencer Partnership Development & Management

  • Event Ad - Campaign Generation & Monitoring

  • Live Social Media Strategy & Coverage


Portfolio Overview


crisis communication

Right before the holidays, Everlane produced a coat that was made from 80 recycled water bottles. It was a beautiful coat, but the coat would start to lose its filling after a few wears. Customers were furious, confused, and some were even left without a winter coat. I was hired to develop a crisis communication plan and uphold the brand’s reputation.

Social Strategy

In between interviews, I captured snippets of each round table discussion and main stage presentation. For each speaker, I collected an image, key speaking point, and their call to action for business or society at large. Those images and text were then assembled into a post for SB’s Instagram account and stories.

SB’s account grew +150 followers over the course of three days and posts accrued on averaged +500 views.

Marketing Strategy

I developed a content calendar to support event marketing campaigns in an integrated visual and editorial strategy across; LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Growing the accounts organically: +1,224 LinkedIn Followers, +724 Instagram Followers, and securing a total of +70 attendees per event.


Send me an e-mail with questions, comments, or opportunities to collaborate!

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“I’ll be your brand’s strategic communications and marketing consultant!”