HACE is a nationwide non-profit organization that focuses on cultivating the pipeline of Latino talent and providing Latino professionals the insight, access, and support to be successful in their careers. With a network of +64,000 members across the country, HACE works with employers to help them attract, develop and retain Latino and diverse professionals. I was hired to develop a content calendar to support event marketing campaigns in an integrated visual and editorial strategy across; LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. I generated custom posts and monitored followers to engage and convert into attendees, program participants, and sponsors via direct communication.

While managing HACE’s social media accounts I was able to grow the accounts organically: +1,224 LinkedIn Followers, +724 Instagram Followers, etc… I was also able to assist in recruiting and securing full enrollment to the Mujeres de HACE Programs in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C. As HACE expanded their annual Leadership Tour across the country into San Franciso and Los Angeles, I helped secure a total of +70 attendees per location using paid LinkedIn Ads.