Anna Tomoiaga, Executive Producer at Miami In Style TV and I were dreaming up a project we could collaborate on while I was in town. In less than 24 hours I had one designer and two boutiques ready to produce a TV feature on what to wear for memorial day weekend in Miami.

In the first section of the feature we filmed Keidy Amaya’s studio and showcased her designs inspired by the Wayuu people of Colombia. The other two boutiques we featured were Malaquita Designs and Mimo Market. Malaquita Designs is a co-operative of various indigenous communities in Mexico that sells its indio-futuristic home goods and handmade clothing. Mimo Market is a contemporary brand curated by two young entrepreneurs who relocated to Miami from Los Angeles.

During the feature we strived to highlight the trends of the season that both locals and tourists could wear. We spent time with each of the boutique owners scouting for the best location to shoot and hand selecting the pieces to showcase. Each of our participants was prepped before they went on camera with scripted questions. We made sure to capture behind the scenes footage and photos to promote the episode later on throughout social media channels.

Because Miami In Style TV is the number one lifestyle TV show in Miami it made sense to release the feature exclusively on the channel during Memorial Day weekend.