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Right before the holidays Everlane produced a coat that was made from 80 recycled water bottles it was a beautiful coat but the coat would start to loose its filling after a few wears. Customers were furious, confused, and some were even left without a winter coat. I was hired to develop a crises communication plan and uphold the brands reputation.

Rather than recalling the coat we decided to work on each customer complaint on a case by case basis to learn more about the coat and how customers reacted when things did not go according to plan. It was a learning experience for all of Everlane to understand they were entering a new frontier, the sustainable fashion frontier, one that would have unforeseen challenges and require reactive responses. 


The Red Shoe Movement Leadership Awards and Conference attracts global leaders across industries who are championing women in the workplace. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture the moment with recognizable leaders and reputable brands such as Novartis, CNN, Microsoft, Prudential, Colgate - Palmolive, Ketchum, SheWorx and Celebrity Cruises. I was hired to develop a content capture strategy to produce images, videos, and sound bites that would be used to promote future events. The content collected would also serve as a testament to the company initiatives to improve the workplace for women.

Brands spend thousands dollars on their events but few develop a strategy to capture the moment. Brands that have an integrated marketing strategy in place understand the value in collecting original content at each activation and repurposing the content for future marketing campaigns. They also use activations to increase their executive’s visibility and highlight their brand’s work.

Anna Tomoiaga, Executive Producer at Miami In Style TV and I were dreaming up a project we could collaborate on while I was in town. In less than 24 hours I had one designer and two boutiques ready to produce a TV feature on what to wear for memorial day weekend in Miami.

In the first section of the feature we filmed Keidy Amaya’s studio and showcased her designs inspired by the Wayuu people of Colombia. The other two boutiques we featured were Malaquita Designs and Mimo Market. Malaquita Designs is a co-operative of various indigenous communities in Mexico that sells its indio-futuristic home goods and handmade clothing. Mimo Market is a contemporary brand curated by two young entrepreneurs who relocated to Miami from Los Angeles.

During the feature we strived to highlight the trends of the season that both locals and tourist could wear. We spent time with each of the boutique owners scouting for the best location to shoot and hand selecting the pieces to showcase. Each of our participants was prepped before they went on camera with scripted questions. We made sure to capture behind the scenes footage and photos to promote the episode later on throughout social media channels.

Because Miami In Style TV is the number one lifestyle TV show in Miami it made sense to release the feature exclusively on the channel during memorial day weekend.

Sustainable Brands


Each of the interviewees was prompted with questions before their arrival via email. At the conference we had speakers respond to questions on camera highlighting their key points before they went onstage. It was a tried and tested approach to guarantee SB would have usable video footage of the speakers and clear soundbites.

In between interviews, I captured snippets of each round table discussion and main stage presentation. For each speaker, I collected an image, key speaking point, and their call to action for business or society at large. Those images and text were then assembled into a post for SB’s Instagram account and stories.

SB’s account grew +150 followers over the course of three days and posts accrued on averaged +500 views.

Sustainable Brands created the New Metrics conference to help brands quantify the previously-ignored risks, costs and revenue potential associated with sustainability impacts.

At this year's New Metrics conference I assisted with the interview and recordings of the main stage speakers; Tensie Whelan, Director, NYU Stern Business School, Arthur Woods, Co-Founder, Imperative, Amy Binder, Co-Founder & CEO, RF Binder, Nick Gogerty, Co-Founder, Solar-Coin, Freya Williams, CEO Futerra,  James Dymond, Investor Relations, SAP, Cora Olsen, Global Lead, Novo Nordisk, William Theisen, Lisa Boyd, Sr. Manager, Lyft, Max Messervy, Sr. Associate, Mercer, and Joey Bergstein, CEO Seventh Generations.

I also had the opportunity to provide live social media coverage of the three day conference on @Sustainablebrands Instagram.


While managing HACE’s social media accounts I was able to grow the accounts organically: +1,224 LinkedIn Followers, +724 Instagram Followers, etc… I was also able to assist in recruiting and securing full enrollment to the Mujeres de HACE Programs in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C. As HACE expanded their annual Leadership Tour across the country into San Franciso and Los Angeles, I helped secure a total of +70 attendees per location using paid LinkedIn Ads.

HACE is a nationwide non-profit organization that focuses on cultivating the pipeline of Latino talent and providing Latino professionals the insight, access, and support to be successful in their careers. With a network of +64,000 members across the country, HACE works with employers to help them attract, develop and retain Latino and diverse professionals. I was hired to develop a content calendar to support event marketing campaigns in an integrated visual and editorial strategy across; LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. I generated custom posts and monitored followers to engage and convert into attendees, program participants, and sponsors via direct communication.