Sustainable Brands created the New Metrics conference to help brands quantify the previously-ignored risks, costs and revenue potential associated with sustainability impacts.

At this year's New Metrics conference I assisted with the interview and recordings of the main stage speakers; Tensie Whelan, Director, NYU Stern Business School; Arthur WoodsCo-Founder, Imperative; Amy Binder, Co-Founder & CEO, RF Binder; Nick Gogerty, Co-Founder, Solar-Coin; Freya Williams, CEO Futerra;  James Dymond, Investor Relations, SAP; Cora Olsen, Global Lead, Novo Nordisk; Lisa Boyd, Sr. Manager, Lyft; Max Messervy, Sr. Associate, Mercer; and Joey Bergstein, CEO Seventh Generations.

I also had the opportunity to provide live social media coverage of the three day conference on @Sustainablebrands Instagram.

Each of the interviewees was prompted with questions before their arrival via email. At the conference we had speakers respond to questions on camera highlighting their key points before they went onstage. It was a tried and tested approach to guarantee SB would have usable video footage of the speakers and clear soundbites.

In between interviews, I captured snippets of each round table discussion and main stage presentation. For each speaker, I collected an image, key speaking point, and their call to action for business or society at large. Those images and text were then assembled into a post for SB’s Instagram account and stories.

SB’s account grew +150 followers over the course of three days and posts accrued on averaged +500 views.